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With the exerspy™ activity tracking system you can track your caloric expenditure by the minute—24 hours a day! The more you move the more calories you burn. Activity is the key. Get a true 360-degree view of your physical activity and caloric burn from 4 different physiological perspectives. 

Meet the exerspy. The lightweight armband and attractive design makes this an essential tool in connecting the dots to your health and fitness.

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Personal/Group Training 

Many members like the motivation that comes from having their own private trainer on a regular basis. Others just like to know why things work, or want ideas to better their workout.  A personal trainer will provide motivation, enthusiasm, and the knowledge to help you gain the most out of your workout.  Kia Ora maintains a staff of certified fitness professionals to help answer any questions you may have to improve your fitness level. 

Training can be arranged on a one-on-one or group (up to 15 individuals) basis.  Got a friend you wouldn’t mind sharing sessions with? You can train together. Its simple—you and up to 14 friends buy group training packages and share sessions with the trainer.  

Get started today!  Review the Fitness Professional bios on the wall near the drinking fountains on the main workout floor.  Set your appointments and purchase sessions at the front desk. 

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Kia Ora has been selected as a trial gym with dotFIT. The trial allows all Kia Ora members FREE access to the dotFIT Me program as long as you are a member. All you need to do is let one of our staff members activate your dotFIT login on the web! 

EVERY MEMBER SHOULD TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY. This is your chance to finally understand how the foods you eat affect your health and fitness.

Body Composition Measurement 

Body composition assessment determines the relative percentages of lean body mass and body fat. Kia Ora trainers utilize either a Bio Impedance Analyzer or Skyndex Caliper to detect the ratio of fat tissues to other tissues.  This offers a great way to establish a baseline and mark improvement with follow-up measurements. 

Set up your measurement appointment at the front desk today. 

Starting Line 

Just getting started at the gym and not quite sure what to do, when, or where?  Step up to the starting line and allow our trainers to help you get off on the right foot.  They will help you make choices that will maximize your benefits in a fun and safe manner.  This is the smart way to get the most out of your gym experience.  Don't leave your success at the gym up to chance.  Guarantee your results by allowing our fitness professionals to direct you on the path to achievement. 

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