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Health care and insurance costs have risen significantly in recent years.  They will continue to escalate if we do not succeed in getting people everywhere to be more active.  Research has shown that exercise is a key factor in reducing the occurrence of health conditions that lead to these costs.  The cost associated with encouraging employees to be more active pales in comparison with those already required to compensate for the health issues brought on by sedentary living.

This is truly a case where a penny today can save a dollar tomorrow.  We encourage you to give serious consideration to Kia Ora corporate membership programs as a worthy investment in the future of your company.  Encouraging your employees to exercise regularly is prudent care for your most important company asset.

Why Kia Ora?  Kia Ora was the first gym in the tri-cities to offer the world's most popular Les Mills group exercise programs, first to offer Extreme Blendz juice bar, first to offer bodybugg and now the more advanced exerspy calorie tracking systems, first to offer the dotFIT complete fitness solution,... and the list just keeps growing.  Plain and simple -- we offer the most complete solution for your employee fitness needs.  If it's games, toys, or gizmos you are after, there are probably other clubs that would stand out.  But if you are looking for fitness, Kia Ora has tools you need for success that are not offered anywhere else in town.

Kia Ora offers 3 optional levels of company involvement in the corporate programs.  You choose how involved you wish to be and we tailor your group membership savings program accordingly.

Setting up a corporate membership agreement at Kia Ora couldn't be easier.  Simply determine your company contact person and have them either call or e-mail Kia Ora (see below).

Let us educate and assist your employees in making better choices for their future.  Begin today by e-mailing your company name, contact name, number of employees and best estimate of potential employee enrollment to:

Kia Ora Corporate


2008 N Pittsburgh St
Kennewick, WA 99336

(509) 735-3221