Weight Loss

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With the exerspy™ activity tracking system you can track your caloric expenditure by the minute—24 hours a day! The more you move the more calories you burn. Activity is the key. Get a true 360-degree view of your physical activity and caloric burn from 4 different physiological perspectives. 

Meet the exerspy. The lightweight armband and attractive design makes this an essential tool in connecting the dots to your health and fitness.

Get yours and take control of your body. 

armband                                         $249.95


exerspy™ armband 
Free subscription to web based program (Kia Ora members) 
exerspy™ coaching (one 1/2-hr session)

Also consider the offer below to get more help getting started with your exerspy or with personal training specific to your needs. 

10% off any personal training package when purchased with the .



2008 N Pittsburgh St
Kennewick, WA 99336

(509) 735-3221