Breif History

Kia Ora Fitness has been owned and operated by Karl and Lisa Christensen since 1999. For the first 8 years it was licensed by World Gym International and operated as World Gym Kennewick. This was a fun period that allowed direct interaction with Joe Gold, the father of bodybuilding, during his last 5 years of life and encounters with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Franco Columbu, Larry Scott, Dave Draper and others that were foundational to the sport.

In early 2003 we became the first gym in the Tri-cities to offer Les Mills classes beginning with BODYPUMP®. With a popular response, other Les Mills classes were added and within months the gym was home to the largest offering of these classes in Eastern Washington. Kia Ora Fitness continues to offer a wide variety of Les Mills classes as well as a mix of other fun classes on land and in the pool.

In the summer of 2007 Karl and Lisa decided to operate on their own under a new brand – Kia Ora Fitness. The brand name was derived from a common greeting among the Maori people (the indigenous people of New Zealand). This was familiar from our dealings with Les Mills International which originates from Auckland, New Zealand. The literal translation of Kia Ora means “be healthy” and carries the sentiment we feel so passionately about.

With all of these years of experience behind us, our goal remains the same - to deliver fun, energizing fitness experiences day in and day out.